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Brief Biography of Siti Shaliha, The SSE Collegian

Brief Biography of Siti Shaliha
Full name          :  Siti Shaliha
Nick name        :  Siti, Ai
Date of Birth     :  August 15th, 1991

Brief Biography
Siti Shaliha was born on August 15th, 1991 in Bandung. She lives there with her parent, Mr. Muzalman Tri Septiandi as her father and Eli Raswati as her mother. In Bandung City, Siti and parent live in Cibatu Street 8 no.17. She lives there during 9 years and began her education in TK Aisyah Bandung. After she graduated, she continued to SD Negeri Sukarasa Bandung just for 3 years. Because her father was unemployed, he decided to go back to his hometown, Palembang wished look for a job. No choice for Siti and her mother except they must followed him. Then, Siti went out from her school in Bandung.
In Palembang, Siti’s family live in Gunung Kaya Village, Jurai, Lakat of South Sumatra. Siti has a younger brother and a younger sister. Her younger brother’s name is Muhammad Fadillah and her younger sister’s name is Siti Rahmandianisa. In Palembang, her father becomes a farmer and her mother becomes a housewife. Otherwise, Siti continued her education in SD Negeri 3 Jarai, Palembang. She graduated from elementary school and selected SMP 1 Jarai to continue her education. Then, she continued to SMA 4 Lahat.
In her education process, an achievement that unforgettable for her is when she won Lomba Pelajar Teladan SD Tingkat Kecamatan. She often got 5th ranking in Letter Writing for Regent in her regency. Exactly, her hobbies are writing, basket and singing. She wanted to develop her potencies in her life.
Because she wanted to be a teacher, she decided to take Sampoerna Foundation Scholarship. She always held a principal “Be Your Self” to be a real teacher. But, her best purpose is lecturer profession. She wished so that she got all of she wanted.

                                                                                               Presented by: Multika Lega Problema

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Biography/Dian Eki Purwanti/1

Biography of Umi Farida

Umi Faridha was born in Jakarta, September 30, 1991. We call her Umi. Umi is the oldest from 10 siblings. Umi has 4 step sisters, 3 step brothers and 2 cousins. Now, her family lives in Jakarta. Umi is the only child from Edi Suratno and Lilik Sri Hartuti. Her father and mother come from Lumajang, East Java. Before study in Sampoerna School of Education, girl who is addicted to avocado juice, studied in Cinta Kasih Tzu Chi Vocational and chose major of accounting.

When she was at the 9th grade in Junior High School, Umi had unforgettable experience that she couldn’t forget. Umi, with 55 her friends, followed student exchange programme to Taiwan country. There, she didn’t feel hard to get used to that situation, because Taiwan is one of the countries in Asia, the food tastes nearly the same as Indonesian food.

Umi Farida likes reading a book and her favourite book is Harry Potter and the secret. He loved grilled chicken and brown colour.

Evik's Biography (by Beby cute, he he he he)


Evik Dwi Priagung is one of the most handsome boy in the world. This funny boy was born on April 18th, 1990 in Blitar. He is the second children from Mr.Adji and Mrs.Suyati, and he has one brother, his brother’s name is Dana Wiji Santoso. Now Evik lives far from his family, because of his family live in Bagowonto street number 31 rt 01/03 Pakunden, Blitar, but he must stay in Jakarta to continue his study.

When he was six years old, he started to studied in TK Darmawanta for one year, and then he continued his studied in SD Pakunden 02 for six years, SMPN 1 Blitar for three years and SMAN 3 Blitar for three years too, and now he continue his study in Sampoerna School of Education.

He got a lot of appreciation when he studied in senior high school, because he often to joined a lot of competition. And some of his achievement were he got a second winner as a good student in Surabaya, the fifth and third winner for Olympic of biology when he was at first and second grade, mathematic competition in UNER and he was the best student in his senior high school. And his last (but not least) great achievement is gets a scholarship from Sampoerna Foundation.

Biography of Shinta Puspita Kencanasari (by Satria Dijaya)

Shinta Puspita Kencanasari was born in Jakarta, 8th of October 1989. Her name has a beautiful meaning. Her name means a girl that has lot of love for everybody around her. Her name was given by her parents.

Shinta lived in Sukabumi since she was one year old. She was living with her grandparents in Sukabumi. But, when she passed the 4th grade of elementary school, she moved to Jakarta. Because she wanted to live with her parents. She has been living in Jakarta till now.

In Jakarta, she entered SDN Cijantung 06 pagi for continue her Elementary School. She was very happy because she got new friends. When she at the 5th grade, she followed LOKETA or Lomba Keterampilan Agama competition. She and her team became the winner in competition. At the 6th grade, she followed Mathematics Competition. Unfortunately, she defeated in this competition.

She entered SLTP N 103 Cijantung for her Junior High School. She was very selfish at Junior High School. She would like to stay in library than joined with her friends. Because she didn’t like to chat and gossip with her friends. She thought chatting and gossiping just waste her time. She didn’t like her Junior High School. Because she didn’t like her friend’s lifestyle and her teachers were very fierce.

She followed one contest in Elementary High School. She followed a sculpture maker contest. The sculpture material is from clay. At this contest, she got the 1st place.

She entered a Vocational High School, SMK N 26 Jakarta after she graduated her Junior High School. She chose Mechanical Engineering major. Because of her father asked her to be an engineer.

At first, she didn’t enjoy and like her major. She interested to enter Computer and Network major at that time. But after she passed 1st semester at this major, she started to enjoy it. Because of She got 1st ranking in her class and her major. She was proud because she was only one girl at her class but she could be better than others.

In SMK N 26, she became to be a dreamer, energetic and optimistic girl. At here, she found her greatest dream. She wants to go to Japan for learning Japan’s technology and development in Indonesia.

She followed many competitions when she studied in Vocational High School. She followed Computer Aided Drawing and Design competition in Jakarta at 2007. She got 2nd place in the competition. Then she followed Mechanical Drawing in Universitas Negeri Jakarta at 2008 and she became the winner. In the end of her studied, she followed Computer Aided Drawing and Design in Makassar. She didn’t win this competition. Because she was sick.

After she graduated her Vocational High School, she worked in Cikarang. She worked in PT KMK Precision for three months then she moved to PT Bumimulia Indah Lestari for five months. She worked as a drafter engineer in molding factory. She designed tools of machine for machining processes. She leaved PT Bumimulia Indah Lestari because she wanted to get Sampoerna Scholarship.

She changed her achievement from be an engineer become be a teacher. Because she saw that bad competition in factory. She didn’t want to press her friends to be more success than before. Another reasons she changed her achievement because of she likes to teach children around her home and she likes to teach her friends too.

Nowadays, she is here. She studies with us in Sampoerna School of Education. She takes mathematics program and she gets tuition fee scholarship. She wants to be a good teacher that can give and change people’s life to be better. She has a motto in her life. Her motto is, “Believe to yourself and think good about yourself because you are what you think”.

That is all of her biography. I hope Shinta’s biography can give us more experiences.

Sufi's Biography (by Meriyah)


Name : Sufyan Suri

Date of Birth : 20th April 1992

Place of Birth : Kota Baru, Kalimantan Selatan

Address : Jl. Kapten Tandean No.47 Jakarta Selatan

Hobbies : 1. Write short stories

2. Write Poetry

3. Reading Books

4. Listening to the music

Favorite Singer : Shania Twain, Michael Jackson and Hadad Alwi

Education :

  1. SD N 5 Baharu Selatan, Kotabaru - 2004
  2. SMP N 5 Kotabaru – 2007
  3. SMA N 01 Kotabaru – 2009

Achievment :

- Be Honor student in Elementary School

- Be Honor student in Junior High School

- First Winner of telling folklore stories in Banjar’s language

- First Winner of Electricity of Scientific Paper competition, on junior high school level, in Province of Kalimantan Selatan and Kalimantan Tengah

- First Winner of Physics Olympiad, on Regency level

- Published His poetry and short stories in Horizons Magazine, Kompas, Banjarmasin Post

Arum Assignment

Nurul's biography

Her full name is Nurul Fitri Hadyani, but her friends call her “ULUNG.” She was born in Jakarta, at June 10th, 1991, so her zodiac is Gemini. She likes playing basketball, listening to the music, and cooking. She wants to be an English teacher. The girl who likes seafood and lemon squash has an idol, her idol is Raditya Dika. One of her hobbies is listening to the music, so she has a band favorite, it is Second hand Serenade. Ulung is the yellow lovers. When she was a child, she always followed the drawing competition because her hobby was drawing. She ever got the second winner in the drawing competition in AR-RIDWAN kindergarten. In the elementary school, she became the second winner at the fifth and sixth grade. It made Ulung was proud of her. In the junior high school, she got the fifth winner at SMP YASMIN. Besides that, she got the third winner in PRAMUKA competition between schools. In the senior high school, she joined some activities; they were basketball club, paskibra, Germany club, and OSIS. She interested with the new things and tried to know them. She couldn’t forget when she was in senior high school, because she thought that was the most beautiful time. At that time, she got a lot of friends and experiences.

Meriyah's Bioghraphy ( By: Sufyan Suri)


Meriyah was born on 25 June 1987 in Jakarta. She lives on Kampung Puis Street No. 61 South Jakarta. She is youngest of the two childrens. Meriyah has many hobbies such as watching movies, listening the music, hanging out with her friends, and playing badminton. He noted as alumni of the SDI Al Ibtihad Jakarta and graduated in 2001, and later he graduated from SMP 185 Jakarta in 2004. After that he went to Senior High School. She is very proud of herself could get the highest score for final examination in Junior High School and also in her Senior High School. After graduating from Senior High School, she didn’t continue her study to the college. Then she decided to work in a company as administration of PT. Rejeki Aquarium for 6 months and as a receptionist for 9 months. After about two years she has work there, she got a scholarship in Sampoerna School of Education. And now she is a student in Sampoerna School of Education.

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Hi my beloved mom. It's Alfa Amalia Tulhusni

Titiah's Biography

Her fullname is Titiah Dewi Masitoh, but she often called Titiah. She was born on Desember 10, 1990, in Bekasi. Her zodiac is sagitarius. Although she was born in Bekasi, her parents didn't come from Bekasi, but from Central Java. She is the last child of two children.

At 5 years old she took kindergarten in TK istiqomah, Bekasi. She continued her study in SDN Perwira 3 bekasi. Then, she studied in SMPN 21 Bekasi. When she studied in that school, she got the third champion Tandu Darurat PMR at whole Jabodetabek. After that she studied in SMAN 4 Bekasi. Now, she is one of scholars in Sampoerna School of Education. She lives at Jalan Perintis II, Rt.003 Rw.024 No.48, Kaliabang Tengah, Bekasi Utara.

Her hobbies are swimming and watching television. Her favourite food is noodle and her favourite drink mineral water. Her favourite place is her bedroom. Her favourite colour is blue. Her favorite actress is Jill Gladys. Her motto is "Be yourself". Her ideal is become a good lecturer.

It's Jaya's Biography (Shinta P)

Biography for Satria Dijaya

Satria Dijaya was born in Singkawang, 5th of March 1990. He is the youngest son in his family. His favorite food is Bubur Pedas, this is traditional food from Singkawang. And his favorite drink is Aloe vera ice. He loves to read Laskar pelangi and watch Twilight. He likes Meriam Belina as his favorite actress.
He finished his elementary school in SDN 6 Pasir Singkawang. And he entered SMP 3 Negeri Singkawang to continue his school. After graduated his Junior High School, he entered SMA Negeri 1 Singkawang.
In Senior High School, he was very active in many activities. He joined OSIS, KIR and Mading organization. He followed many competitions and contests. He always be a participant in KIR competitions of national events. Not only followed it but also got rank. He became the winner for English debate competition at Singkawang city. He got the 4th place for English debate at West Kalimantan competition. He always became the winner for Mading contests in Singkawang city at many events. And he represented students in West Kalimantan province to joined national leadership model of OSIS in Bogor.
After he graduated his Senior high school, he couldn’t continue his school to University because he didn’t have enough money. His father works as a private worker and his mother is a housewife. He worked as a private teacher after he finished his school. He taught 13 students from Elementary High School, Junior High School and Senior High School. He taught English, Mathematics and Physics for Junior High school and Senior High School. For his students of Elementary School, he taught all of the lessons.
He loves his family so much. He works hard to be a success person. And he wants to get success with others. He wants to make his family proud to him. Jaya has motto in his life, “I am a people that always do what I think right, not peoples say right.” and “Be my self”
Now, he is 19 years old. He continues his study in Sampoerna School of Education as a full board scholar. He feels very happy to teach students and make his students to success in their futures. His experiences as a private teacher was motivated him to be a professional teacher. And he thinks teachers will not have less of money. Because, have skills to teach a lot of people.
From Jaya’s biography, we learn about his ability to work hard and manage his money. And also we should to learn of his achievement that he wants to be success with others and changes people’s life to be better.

Hi my lovely mom. Its me Nurul Fitri Hadyani

Arum’s Biography
Arum Febriani was born in Seputih raman on July 12, 1991, her nickname is Arum. Arum’s zodiac is Aquarius. She enjoys playing guitar, singing, playing keyboard, and hang out with her friends. In Lampung, Arum lives with her families. Her favorite band is Ungu. She wants to be a mathematics teacher in her home town. She has favorite color that is purple. Her favorite drink is orange juice, and mineral water. Her favorite food is her mom’s food. She has negative characteristic, which is forgetful person. She thinks that she is faithful person, and toy with honesty. Sometimes she can’t manage her time. She didn’t like smoke of cigarette, and she hate about lie.
In her childhood, she often participate any contest, likes singing and dancing contest, in Church and school. She likes singing and learns to play guitar and keyboard.
In elementary school, she has many achievements which are 4Th winner of dancing contest in regency of Lampung Tengah, and than 4th winner of Indonesian language subject in province of Lampung. Her mom’s so proud with her daughter achievement. She also has 1st rank in elementary school, move to junior high school she has 3Th rank in he school, she study always study hard to get best score, finally, she got 10 in her junior high school final examination.
Next steps in SMA she can study in SMAN 1 Kotagajah without test. She has a treasure of OSIS her school. She was very enjoyed to following OSIS. In SMA, she participate singing contest and she got 1st winner in regency of Lampung Tengah. Now she is in graduate studies in SSE, program mathematics, this is her ideal to be a mathematics teacher.

Hi my lovely mom :D it's me Nurul Fitri HAdyani

Hi Mom, It's my dutyVany's Biography

Novani Lieadi was born in Sukabumi, November 12th 1991. Her permanent address is in Sukabumi but she lives on Tendean Street now. She is a student in Sampoerna School of Education. She has so many experiences in har study. So here her education career ,she study in TK Persatuan Sukabumi and then SD Yuwati Bakti Sukabumi, after that she studied in SD Yuwati Bakti Sukabumi an then SMA Mardiyuana Sukabumi and now she studies in Sampoerna School of Education.
She has many achievement in her education career, she got The Favorite Winner of singing competition (TK) in Sukabumi. And in elementary grade she got The Winner of poet competition (SD) in Sukabumi. And in senior high school grade she got The Winner of writing competition in Sukabumi, The Winner of writing competition in Sukabumi and also The Runner up of SMANSA Cup writing competition.
As a teenager she has a favorite actor, her favorite actor is Kim Bum. She likes reading and listening to the music. Her favorite singer is Jung Yun Ho TVXQ. She has a principe in her life “Time is the value thing in my life”.
Hi Mom It's Me Lina NOviandari
OK it's my duty

Name : Novani Lieadi
P/DoB : Sukabumi, November 12th 1991
Address : Tendean Street
Principe : Time is the value thing in my life
Hobby : Reading and listening to the music
Dream : Mathematic teacher
Zodiac : Scorpio
Fav. Figure : Mother
Fav. Food : Fried rice
Fav. Drinks : Orange Juice
Fav. Actor/ess : Kim Bum
Fav. Movie : Boys Before Flowers
Fav. Song : Big Bang- Day After Day
Fav. Singer : Jung Yun Ho TVXQ
Edu : - TK Persatuan Sukabumi
- SD Yuwati Bakti Sukabumi
- SMP Yuwati Bakti Sukabumi
- SMA Mardiyuana Sukabumi
Achievement : - The Favorite Winner of singing competition (TK) in Sukabumi
- The Winner of poet competition (SD) in Sukabumi
- The Winner of writing competition in Sukabumi
- The Runner up of SMANSA Cup writing competition
- The forth Winner of SMANSA Cup Biology Olympiad

Lina's Biography


Lina Noviandari. She is an university student in Sampoerna School of education. She was born in Magetan, on 17th November 1991. She studied in MI PSM Sumberejo Elementary School, MTSN Geneng Junior High School, and POMOSDA Senior High School before study in Sampoerna School of Education. She have many achievement in elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school. She got first place in Indonesian Language competition in Magetan, third place in MFQ (Musabaqoh Fahmil Qur’an) Competition in Magetan, first place in explanation competition of PP (pertolongan pertama) Jumbara III, and first place in News Design Radar Kediri (Java Post) competition.

She have one principe. Her principe is “Everything happen in me is what the God wants”. Her favourite actor and actress is Daniel Radcliff and Emma Watson. Her favourite song is Raise Me Up-Avril Lavigne. Her favourite book is The Da Vinci Code-Dan Brown. Her top figure is Mohammad SAW.

Eki's Biography

Biography of EKI

Dian Eki Purwanti was born March 5th, 1991, in Kuta, Bali. Her parents come from Surabaya, Mr. Gatot Purwanto in Jember and Ms. Sumarni in Banyuwangi. She has two brothers, in the 5th and 4th of the elementary schools. Eki and her family lived in Denpasar.

She graduated from SMA 1 Denpasar in 2008. Then, she looked for some scholarship. The scholarships were from UGM, UTS, UPH, STBA LIA, and SSE, but she only got from 3 universities. The first is Mathematic major in SSE, Psychology major in UPH and Japan Literature major in STBA LIA. She has many organization experiences. She wanted to study in university, so she always studies hard.

She likes chicken roasted and lemon squash. She loves brown color. She likes all of books from Agnes Jesica very much. She has a motto, never give up. “When you schrew up, focus the other people not on yourself “, eki said.

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First Post

This is my first post in my blog. Actually, I’m confused to choose one topic, but I will try to writing something what I like. After 3 week live in Pancoran, I feel I’m home sick. I’m not usually with this condition. I can’t eat anything, because my stomach is very sensitive. 1 week ago, I was crying every day because my stomach is very sick. Besides that, I was eating rice, meat, vegetables, and fruits. But, I think I must be carefully. Today I feel well. I’m very happy to follow all of lesson in Sampoerna School of Education.